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The AARI INDIA project was a 30-day long endeavor in the e-commerce fashion industry. The objective of the project was to create a platform for designing and selling on-demand Indo-western clothes and premium quality wears. The project utilized a proprietary WordPress premium design with unique features and plugins. The project followed a waterfall model framework and involved a team of four individuals. This case study provides an overview of the project, its challenges, and the key lessons learned.

Project Scope and Objectives

The scope of the AARI INDIA project was to develop a fully functional e-commerce website catering to the fashion needs of customers. The objectives were as follows. ✅ Design a visually appealing and user-friendly website with a focus on the Indo-western fashion segment. ✅ Implement premium features and plugins to enhance the shopping experience. ✅ Develop a robust backend system for inventory management and order processing. ✅ Ensure seamless integration with various payment gateways and logistics partners.  

Project Intervention force

The project team consisted of the following members: Project Manager: Responsible for overall project planning, coordination, and communication with stakeholders. Web Designer: Tasked with designing the website interface and ensuring a visually pleasing user experience. Backend Developer: Responsible for implementing the necessary functionalities, database management, and integration of plugins. Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist: In charge of conducting thorough testing and ensuring the website’s quality and performance.

Waterfall Model Framework

The project followed the waterfall model framework, which involved a linear and sequential approach to project development. The phases of the waterfall model included requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. This methodology was chosen to ensure a systematic and well-structured development process.

Key Challenges

The AARI INDIA project faced several challenges throughout its duration:
  • Time Constraints: The project had a strict 30-day deadline, requiring efficient time management and prioritization of tasks.
  • Design Customization: The project required customization of the WordPress premium design to align with the unique requirements of the fashion industry.
  • Plugin Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of various plugins and features, such as payment gateways and logistics systems, posed a technical challenge.
  • Quality Assurance: Thorough testing and bug fixing were crucial to ensure a high-quality website within the given timeframe.


The AARI INDIA project was successfully completed within the allocated 30-day timeframe. The team effectively utilized the waterfall model framework to develop a visually appealing e-commerce platform for the fashion industry. Despite the challenges faced, valuable lessons were learned, which will contribute to the team’s future projects. The AARI INDIA website now serves as a robust platform for designing and selling Indo-western clothes and premium quality wears, catering to the fashion needs of its customers.
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