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The Debato project was a 60-day endeavor focused on developing an audio-based social media app. The objective was to create a platform where users could explore and create audio channels, as well as engage in discussions on existing topics. The project incorporated proprietary premium design and features using the MERN stack technology and Firebase Realtime Server. The development process followed the agile model framework and involved a talented team. This case study provides an overview of the project, its objectives, challenges faced, and key learnings.

Project Scope and Objectives

The scope of the Debato project included the following objectives:

  • Design and develop a user-friendly mobile application where users can explore and create audio channels for discussions.
  • Implement an intuitive interface for users to choose from existing topics and engage in audio-based conversations.
  • Incorporate premium design features to enhance the user experience and visual appeal.
  • Develop an admin panel to manage user data, channel content, and overall system operations.
  • Adhere to a 60-day timeline for the successful launch of the application.

Project Team

The Debato project involved a team of talented individuals with specific roles:

  • Project Manager: Responsible for project planning, coordination, and ensuring successful delivery.
  • Mobile App Developer: Tasked with developing the mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Backend Developer: Responsible for implementing the server-side functionalities, database management, and integration of Firebase Realtime Server.
  • UI/UX Designer: In charge of designing an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist: Responsible for conducting thorough testing and ensuring a high-quality application.

Agile Model Framework

The Debato project adopted the agile model framework, allowing for iterative and incremental development. The agile approach enabled flexibility in responding to changing requirements and feedback throughout the development process. Frequent communication, regular feedback loops, and continuous integration and testing were integral to the project’s success.

Key Features and Technologies

The Debato application incorporated the following key features and technologies:

  • MERN Stack Technology: Utilized MongoDB for the database, Express.js for server-side development, React Native for the mobile app, and Node.js for server-side scripting.
  • Audio Channel Creation: Enabled users to create their own audio channels for discussions on various topics.
  • Topic Selection: Provided users with a selection of existing topics to join and engage in audio-based conversations.
  • Realtime Audio Streaming: Implemented technology to facilitate real-time audio streaming and seamless communication between users.
  • User Profiles and Social Features: Integrated user profiles, following functionality, and social engagement features to enhance the community aspect of the app.

Challenges Faced

The Debato project encountered several challenges throughout its duration:

  • Real-time Audio Streaming: Implementing a robust and reliable real-time audio streaming functionality required technical expertise and thorough testing.
  • User Engagement: Ensuring user engagement and active participation within the audio channels presented a challenge that required careful design considerations and intuitive user interfaces.
  • Time Management: Completing the project within the 60-day timeline required efficient task management, prioritization, and regular progress tracking.

Lessons Learned

The Debato project provided valuable insights and lessons for future endeavors:

  • Effective Communication: Regular and open communication among team members and stakeholders is crucial for successful project coordination and timely delivery.
  • Iterative Development: The agile model framework allowed for flexibility in adapting to changing requirements and feedback, enabling continuous improvements throughout the project.
  • Thorough Testing and QA: Allocating sufficient time and resources for thorough testing is essential to identify and address any issues, particularly with complex functionalities such as real-time audio streaming.
  • Scalability and Performance: Anticipating future growth and designing the system with scalability and performance optimization in mind is vital for handling increasing user demand.


The Debato project successfully developed an audio-based social media application within the allocated 60-day timeframe. The adoption of the agile model framework, along with the utilization of the MERN stack technology and Firebase Realtime Server, contributed to the project’s success. The Debato app now serves as an engaging platform where users can explore and create audio channels for discussions on various topics. The project’s accomplishments highlight the effectiveness of the proprietary premium design and features, emphasizing the team’s dedication to creating a unique audio-based social media experience.

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