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Consultation to MatchMe Platform


Industry:  Matchmaking

Duration: 60 Days

Project Scope:

For almost a decade, Unovative, a proficient Website and App development company, has partnered with MatchMe, a leading Matchmaking service for couples. The ongoing collaboration involves providing consulting services in UI/UX design, introducing new feature to the app, addressing server issues, refining website design, and ensuring a seamless collaboration with the development team.

Project Team:

  • Product Manager: Responsible for project coordination, aligning business goals, and overseeing the project’s scope and timeline.
  • Product Designer: Created intuitive and user-centered UI/UX designs for the app and website, focusing on enhancing user engagement.
  • Lead Developer: Ensured the successful implementation of new features and addressed server-related challenges.
  • Quality Assurance Analyst: Conducted thorough testing to ensure a glitch-free user experience.
  • Client’s Development Team: Collaborated with Unovative to execute the proposed changes and enhancements.


The project primarily followed the Waterfall development model due to its structured approach. This allowed for clear definition of requirements, careful design and development, and step-by-step progression through the project phases.

Key Features & Technology:

  1. UI/UX Design Enhancement: Unovative’s Product Designer conducted a comprehensive review of the existing UI/UX design, proposing improvements to enhance user experience and visual appeal.
  2. New Features Implementation: Collaboratively with MatchMe’s development team, Unovative introduced new features to the app, such as advanced filtering options, real-time chat, and enhanced user profiles.
  3. Server Problem Resolution: Through meticulous analysis, the Lead Developer identified and rectified server-related issues, ensuring app stability and minimizing downtime.
  4. Website Redesign: The website’s design was revamped to align with the modern design trends and effectively communicate MatchMe’s unique value proposition.
  5. Collaboration and Communication: Regular meetings, status updates, and seamless communication ensured that both teams were aligned throughout the project.


The long-standing partnership between Unovative and MatchMe is a testament to effective collaboration and mutual trust. By employing a Waterfall framework, Unovative successfully provided consulting services that enhanced MatchMe’s matchmaking platform. From refining UI/UX design, introducing new app feature, resolving server issues, to redesigning the website, the collaboration resulted in an improved user experience, increased engagement, and a stronger online presence. This case study showcases Unovative’s expertise in sustaining productive, long-term client relationships and consistently delivering tailored solutions that drive business growth and innovation.

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